Hello my name is Dawn MacDonald and I have 20 years of experience working with dogs. I have always loved dogs. There was always the sound of pitter patter of feet in the house. From German Shepherds, Poodles, Mixed Breeds and of course a Sheltie.


Red Dog Training Solutions was created in 2013 as a business outside of my work at the Edmonton Humane Society to help those who needed more guidence after taking group training classes and needed more one on one training. It has grown from humble beginnings to what it is today with solid knowledge and experiences to help those who need it.


Castlestone Red'g Shetland Sheepdogs est.1999. Trained, raised and rescued Shelties over the years. Studied their genetics, bloodlines and character traits such as appearance and movement. I wanted to learn more and was given an opportunity to work in my local shelter. It opened my eyes to the world of possibilities. I wanted to help more, learn more and take my skills to the next level.

In 2015 I had an apportunity to work with Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society, learning how dogs help people who cant help themselves and found a kinship with the dogs and volunteers who work there. Dogs are dogs no matter what suit they wear. These dogs are amazing with the amount of hours of training and you can see it with every person you meet who has one of these amazing dogs.


In 2012 I recieved my DBTM (Dog Behaviour and Training Methodology). This course taught me about dog behaviour and teaching methodology using science based information. I also was working in the dog daycare as the Floor Team Lead, assessing new dogs for appropriate daycare access and helping clients with some behaviours to help make their dog a better companion. I am a member of the CAPPDT (Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Traininers), Albert Force Free Alliance and working towards getting my certification through the CAPPDT.


In 2011 I started teaching group classes with the Edmonton Humane Society, Basic Obedience and Puppy classes to more advanced classes like the Feisty Fido and Pit Bull Basics. All classes are subject to various amounts of behaviour  modification from typical puppy behaviour to leash reactivity and impulse control.


I specialize in basic manners and leash work. Working helping those who's dogs are just not there yet. Giving puppies the optimumal chance of beating them to the punch with rude and inappropriate behaviours to adult dogs who just need clearer instruction and reinforcement for a better well rounded dog. I help people understand what their dog needs and what they are trying to tell them.


Red Dog Training Solutions is currently under review from the Alberta Government to be part of their Program for Service Dog Training under their Qualified List for Trainers. Stay tuned the possibilities are endless.


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